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The biggest lifestyle sports event in Estonia and in the Baltic States will take place again this year. This year's Simpel Session is already 4th event in Simpel Skatepark. We are bringing to you the exciting atmosphere and the best aspects of skateboarding, bike riding, in-line skating and it's lifestyle. Simpel Skatepark includes a 2800 m2 big street area that covers a wide range of obstacles, vert ramp, mini ramp, dirt course next to park and special flatland area. Besides riding there will be DJs to get you going and many surprises as well.
And of course afterparty in the end of second day.
There was 150 competitors in the year 2002, this summer we expect many more from the Baltic States and from all over the World. There will be decent cash prizes for 2 events: skateboarding park and BMX park, rest of the disciplines will have prizes from shops. The prize purse is 100.000 EEK.
You are most welcome in Session!

Come and witness everything yourself! Entry to the festival area is FREE OF CHARGE for spectators!

The crew:
Risto Kalmre
Mario Kalmre
Britta Alep
Janar Ilves
Ingrid Tago
Marta Vasarik
Karel Kulbin

GSM phone: +372 52 45106

Simpel Session is organised by