Tim Prozorov back for Simple Session 15!

Tim Prozorov Photo credit: Arturas Jensovickis
Tim Prozorov
Photo credit: Arturas Jensovickis

Tim Prozorov, 22, from Estonia, is likely the most known Estonian skateboarder around the world so far. Tim is a real technical wizard and has loads of unbelievable manual combinations in his trick bag. He has been living in London for a couple of years now and you can probably find him cruising around the Cantelowes skatepark in Camden. Tim is sponsored by Silver trucks, DC Shoes, Dakine, Three Amigos Skateshop, Anteater, iFive distribution.

1. How did you feel when you were invited first time to Simple Session? What are your thoughts about this year’s event?

When I got Invited to Simpel Session I felt really good and stoked to be around all this amazing skaters which only give an example to each other every time we all meet.

2. What is different about Simple Session compared to other events that you have visited?

Well I really try to not compare anything or anyone! For me it’s another chance to visit my family and my friends which are really important for me. Simpel Session has amazing atmosphere and people are so supportive that making anybody who is not from Estonia feel like they are at home.

3. Signature move, what is always in your run?

Signature move probably is crooked grind. But I really don’t know whatever comes to my head I try !

4. Do you know anything else about Estonia or Estonians besides Simple Session?

Estonia it’s really small country and everybody knows each other and in my opinion people should stick together no matter who you are and what you do.

5. Do you have any people you want to thank for making it to Simple Session?

First of all thanks to every single person that have something to do with this amazing event. Special thanks to Risto, Henri, Andres and all the sponsors that are sponsoring or was sponsoring the event before and of course thanks to Silver trucks, DC Shoes, Dakine, Three Amigos Skateshop, Anteater, iFive distribution.

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