How it all started: interview on DIG Magazine

There’s an in-depth interview up on worlds’ best BMX magazine with Simple Session’s Risto Kalmre – ‘the “almost” 20 years of Simple Session.’


“With all the lights, the giant stadium and the high end production at a contest like Simple Session, it’s easy to forget where it all started. Founder and organiser Risto Kalmre has been there and done most of it, but instead of standing in the spotlight he prefers to work away tirelessly in the background to make the whole gig come together year after year. Since the first incarnation back in 2000 it has since grown into one of the biggest and best BMX events in the world, but it’s hasn’t all been roses and rainbows. We quizzed Risto to find out more, and started by asking about his beginnings in BMX…”

Read the full interview on DIG BMX online