Jamie Foy – Thrasher Skater Of The Year 2017

We’re stoked to have Thrasher’s Skater of the Year 2017, Jamie Foy, participating at Simple Session 2018! Foy published multiple decent video parts and turned PRO for Deathwish skateboards this year, so all that award glory is well deserved. Go Jamie! He is a true rail slayer and we will have lots of those in our Simple Session 2018 skatepark. Can’t wait to see him shredding the course!

Check out Jamie’s skills in his recent “Flat Earth” video part and his King of the Road “Best of Jamie Foy” part from the year before.

Best of Russia: Egor Kaldikov

We are glad that the best Russian skateboarders will take part in the Simple Session 2018 again!

From this lineup, in 2017, Egor Kaldikov achieved to release his “Union Skateboards” video part on Thrasher magazine’s website. Speedy tech lines, board-snapping sets, and enough no-comply variations to make Barbee jealous, Russia’s Egor Kaldikov blurs the lines and slays the streets.

Simple Session 2018 Russian Skaters:

Max Kruglov
Egor Kaldikov
Dima Dvoinishnikov
Egor Golubev
Konstantin Kabanov
Sema Kutuzov
Misha Stepanov
Roma Alimov

Go follow Egor Kaldikov @egorkaldikov